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                       Sign post on the Maracay road – Choroní
                                Photo: Eduardo Gonzalez

The Henri Pittier National Park is the largest protected area, with the widest variety of animal and plants species, of the Coastal Mountain Range. It is an important source of water, as well as a natural corridor for migratory bird species. It is an excellent site for the  study of numerous habitats, which are found there due to the elevation  gradient from sea level along the Caribbean Sea to 2.436 masl in the continental interior. However, its location in Aragua and Carabobo States, among major areas of growth in the central part of the country, generates many pressures on the park, such as forest fires, human encroachment and hunting. Also the high volume of tourists creates a significant amount of garbage in the park. Henri Pittier National Park’s main needs are: environmental education for visitors and residents and the provision of an adequate budget, which would allow the planning and execution of management programs, as well as the hiring and retention of new personnel.


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