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Cerro El Copey' land use zoning plan and code was written in 1991 and has since been revised and updated. A second revision is currently under way, which contemplates an increase in the park's area and the exclusion of the village of La Sierra. Seven land-use categories have been defined:

  • Integral Protection Zone: includes 2,000 ha (28% of the park) above an elevation of 300 m altitude, this area is dominated by cloud- and transition forests. Access is restricted and the only permitted uses are research and monitoring activities under the supervision of INPARQUES.
  • Primitive Zone: Includes most of the area between the park boundaries and the Integral Protection Zone. With 4,650 ha, it is the park's largest category, predominantly covered by transition forests.
  • Management Zone: Includes the road going from El Valle del Espíritu Santo to the communication antennas topping Cerro El Copey.
  • Leisure Zone: There are two Leisure Zones, one in the higher part of the village of Fuentidueño and the other around the Félix Gómez Interpretation Center.
  • Service Zone: Includes INPARQUES' offices, located in the Félix Gómez Interpretation Center and accessible via the roadway leading to the antennas.
  • Special Use Zone: Composed of the areas subjected to human activities contrary to the park's objectives and which have been assigned a special form of management. These are:
    • La Sierra sector: Composed of the village of La Sierra and surroundings, as well as the road leading to La Asunción, for a total area of 211 ha in the park's lowest ranges.
    • The Antenna sector: Covers a 1.2 ha area at the park's highest point and is there is open-access permitted to institutions who installed antennas.
    • Valle del Espíritu Santo sector: Covering 25 ha in the park's lowest ranges, including the road uniting La Sierra with El Valle.
    • Power Lines: Composed of the 10 m wide, 6.2 km long stretches crossing the primitive zone through the Cerros of Guaraguao, El Piache and El Güire, towards the southern and southeastern area of the park.

The park's management team is composed of seven rangers, a driver, an administrative employee and a secretary. Management is under the supervision of a superintendent (Licenciada Lídice González), who carries out control, monitoring and administrative activities. However, many of these people are also responsible for two other leisure parks and three natural monuments. Most personnel have occupied this position for more than eight years and come from nearby towns. The only ranger outpost is located in the Félix Gómez Information Center. The park can be accessed through the road leading to the telecommunication station, through a dirt road coming from Tacarigua-El Cujisal and from the Fuentidueño, Palma Real and San Antonio del Norte sectors. However, given present installations only the main road is being controlled. The park has a four wheel drive vehicle and two motorcycles.


In 2001, the monthly budget assigned by INPARQUES for the management of Cerro El Copey was 300,000 Bs. (US $ 200). By the time of our evaluation, the park had still not received any funding from the central administration for the 2002 fiscal year, and staff had not been paid for several months.


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