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ParksWatch has been active in Venezuela since 1999 and formed a new partnership with Bioparques in January 2002. Bioparques is a Venezuelan non-profit, founded in January 2002, aimed at strengthening Venezuela's Natural Protected Areas through human involvement and cooperation in the search for solutions to the social, economic and environmental problems faced by our parks.

Bioparques follows six lines of action:

1) To promote our national parks within the Venezuelan society as guardians of our environment and quality of life, as well as forces driving the local economies.

2) To encourage involvement from different sectors of society in the management of our national parks.

3) To generate information mechanisms aimed at promoting widespread knowledge about our national parks.

4) To promote research within national parks and other protected areas in order to broaden the knowledge available about our ecosystems and natural resources in general.

5) To stimulate discussions and revisions of the legal instruments that regulate the National Park System and other protected areas in Venezuela in order to improve and adapt them to increase their efficiency in preserving the biological integrity of the areas protected by the system.

6) To monitor the appropriate functioning of national parks and other ABRAE (Areas Under Special Administration, acronym from the Spanish name) as tools for biodiversity conservation.

The main objective of ParksWatch-Venezuela is to diagnose the present situation of Venezuela's national parks and to design solutions to the problems they face. By law, the Venezuelan National Park System exists to protect the country's biodiversity, natural resources and its most scenic sites, as well as to provide recreation, research and education to Venezuelans. We hope that our diagnoses will contribute to these ambitious objectives.

ParksWatch-Venezuela is directed by Rodolfo Castillo.


Av. El Empalme con Av. El Mirador
Ed. Torre 18
Piso 9, Oficina 9-A
La Campiña, Caracas 1060
Tel: (+58) 212-731-4016
Email: bioparques@bioparques.org

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