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The ParksWatch-Southern Cone program was started in September 2004 with financial support from the Foundation for Deep Ecology (FDE) and matching funds from the Republic of Argentina. Our local partner is the Institute for the Analysis of Natural Resources (IARN) of the Universidad Atlántida Argentina.

Although the scope of this program encompasses all protected areas of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, the first phase of its implementation will take place in Argentina, starting with the evaluation of the Lanín, Nahuel Huapi, Lago Puelo, and Los Alerces National Parks. The program in general is aimed at strengthening protected area management and providing support in the consolidation of transboundary PA corridors between Argentina and its neighbors, as well as assisting park administrations in their strategic planning.

The specific objectives of ParksWatch-Southern Cone are, among others:

a) The development of baseline studies on the conservation and threat status of protected areas, leading to the publication of objective and independent reports (park profiles).

b) The creation of a national database on protected areas and the development of a web-based geographic information system.

c) The identification of scientific research needs within protected areas. A list of priority needs will be produced for each protected area that will be taken to academic and donor institutions nationally and internationally in search of partnerships to fill those needs.

d) The organization of teaching classes, workshops and symposia to build capacity in protected area management and to promote collaboration between scientists, NGOs, local communities, business and government in conservation efforts.

ParksWatch-Southern Cone is under the direction of Dr. Adrian Monjeau.

Contact Information:
PW-Southern Cone
Adrian Monjeau
Arenales 2740
(7600) Mar del Plata
Tel: (+54-223) 491-2475 / 491-2287 / 492-1152
Fax: (+54-223) 491-5400
E-mail: amonjeau@parkswatch.org
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