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Our evaluations are only useful if made accessible to the relevant stakeholders. Thus, a key component of our work is publicizing the results of our audits internationally, nationally, and locally in a way that is both prompt and focused on priority needs.

The primary information we collect from the field is synthesized and made available to the international conservation community through the Internet and the growing network of ParksWatch advocates.


By posting the results of our on-site evaluations on our website and keeping the existing information up-to-date, we aim to provide visitors with the wealth and quality of information expected from a clearinghouse on protected areas.

The data gathered through our field evaluations will be made available on our website and you will soon be able to search our datasets. Aware of the power of multimedia applications, we intend to incorporate video footage, and at a latter date we aim to provide geo-referenced datasets as well as interactive maps.


Nationally and locally, ParksWatch partner NGOs use their own proven advocacy methods to publicize results and to focus attention where needed most. Activities may include publishing newspaper articles, doing radio and TV interviews, participating in lobbying campaigns, drafting management plans or contributing to new legislation. Our partners also freely and regularly share the results of the evaluations during conferences, meetings and workshops to any number of stakeholders, including NGOs, governmental agencies, academic institutions and local communities involved in park management.

Inevitably, our role will vary from site to site, but overall we seek to bring attention towards the highest priority situations as determined by our evaluations. The data regarding threats to specific parks should help our partner organizations and other stakeholders focus their efforts. Eventually, our hope is that governments, NGOs, and donors alike, will rely on us as a primary source of information on prioritizing efforts to improve the management of tropical parks.

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